Dis dude is cool

October 21st, 2017   Green Dolphin Street Prison, California

Dis dude is cool has drawn 308 drawings and authored 150 captions across 458 games. They follow 15 players and have 16 followers. They've earned a total of 814 emotes!

Gwen Tennyson Sep 23rd
Coffee Monster, cookie monster's cousin Aug 16th
Kermaid Jul 28th
Dr Doofenshmirtz has the Infinity Gauntlet Jul 16th
A "street" in Venice. Jul 17th
mario w/ hyper realistic chapped lips Jul 12th
Abstract Robot Jul 11th
stonks (pokemon) Jul 10th
green dude has blood coming out of his mouth Jun 25th
BMO eating fin cake Jun 18th
Flower Programmer Jun 16th
Roller Skating Parrot Jun 12th
Kool-Aid Man Weatherman Jun 12th
Teletubbies Jun 12th
Joseph Joestar Jun 7th
Someone shooting a gun Jun 7th
Cellmo performing mitosis Jun 1st
Giorno Giovanna May 27th