Penguin Minded

December 5th, 2017   Ref-> https://bit.ly/2Y51NH1 mwahahahahh grin

Penguin Minded has drawn 2,470 drawings and authored 321 captions across 2,791 games. They follow 1,704 players and have 742 followers. They've earned a total of 13,052 emotes!

happy green L Oct 19th
A sad penguin Oct 18th
Octoboy's profile picture Oct 18th
bloody hand Oct 18th
golden pants Oct 15th
little cartoony bird Oct 15th
Giant baguettes invade Paris Oct 13th
pole Oct 12th
S says hi to T Oct 11th
Shoe Oct 10th
Blue haired clown Oct 10th
Goth girl Oct 9th
gay pride chicken Oct 8th
Woman in sports bra and running shorts Oct 6th
KFC daddy Oct 4th
one-eyed furry Oct 2nd
in love with drawception Oct 2nd
And I oop- Sep 29th