Penguin Minded

December 5th, 2017   Ref-> https://bit.ly/2Y51NH1 Unmotivated :(

Penguin Minded has drawn 2,377 drawings and authored 315 captions across 2,692 games. They follow 1,505 players and have 651 followers. They've earned a total of 12,105 emotes!

[panel removed, nothing to see here] Jul 15th
Phineas is ANGRY Jul 15th
Orange is happy that apple is being knifed Jul 15th
Draw with non-drawing hand with eyes closed Jul 14th
wow um curly giant russian dude wants hug Jul 13th
man behind bars Jul 13th
Faceless Man scares Faceless Baby Jul 13th
reed telling all drawception users some words Jul 10th
begging for ducks Jul 10th
A duck in space Jul 9th
Plants Jul 9th
Kirby Jul 8th
Jack and the Beanstalk Jul 8th
Screaming pizza Jul 7th
beach landscape :0 Jul 7th