December 16th, 2017

Byrdie has drawn 431 drawings and authored 251 captions across 682 games. They follow 55 players and have 79 followers. They've earned a total of 3,302 emotes!

eventhorizon Dec 29th, 2018
Mario's head but he ain't go no body onlylegs Dec 27th, 2018
Jingle Bells, Batman Smells Dec 25th, 2018
bob ross made of cheese Dec 25th, 2018
Cookie monster eats gingerbread man Dec 22nd, 2018
Scorpion Dec 23rd, 2018
Human sandwich Dec 23rd, 2018
Plain Disco Dec 23rd, 2018
Peaceful Celery Dec 23rd, 2018
A red-haired elf girl Dec 23rd, 2018
Delicious turkey mmmm Dec 22nd, 2018
Chips crossing a Bridge Dec 23rd, 2018
Cowception Dec 23rd, 2018
The First Day of Winter Dec 22nd, 2018
Realistic Deadpool Dec 22nd, 2018
A mountain surrounded by a forest Dec 22nd, 2018
a festive glaceon Dec 22nd, 2018
Banana bread Dec 22nd, 2018