December 16th, 2017   The universe

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rabbit eating mans vomit straight from mouth Jun 14th
Kermit kills Fozzy; it's a mess. Jun 13th
Parents unimpressed with their child's art Jun 11th
Stairway to heaven Jun 10th
Modern art is a pair of balls (shape) Jun 10th
A man who doesn't wanna go bowling Jun 9th
Happy Basketball to Everyone! Jun 9th
Elmo the benevolent ruler Jun 7th
theif steals ball Jun 7th
D in prison Jun 6th
no hamburger Jun 4th
happy happy coin Jun 4th
Anatomy Of Stethoscope Jun 4th
Northumbrian soldier challenging a slingshot Jun 4th
Canadian Death Star fires deadly laser Jun 4th
So many Shapes and Colors, oh my! Jun 4th
Sun staring at the Earth w/ disappointment Jun 3rd
Toddler-sized lightsaber Jun 3rd