April 4th, 2012

GeneralParty has drawn 139 drawings and authored 202 captions across 341 games. They follow 12 players and have 4 followers. They've earned a total of 565 emotes!

New iphone  out after Armageddon occurs May 23rd, 2012
Contemplative penguin in a hot desert May 23rd, 2012
Who's that Pokemon? May 21st, 2012
Santa Claus is summoned to save the day May 4th, 2012
wizard learning lion language May 4th, 2012
Vader-headed Jellyfish May 3rd, 2012
poop is nasty May 3rd, 2012
Describing "The Ring" May 3rd, 2012
The Last Unicorn May 3rd, 2012
alien mesmerized by giant space pigeon May 3rd, 2012
evil card games May 3rd, 2012
My heart. May 3rd, 2012
Source of selfishness discovered in DNA! May 2nd, 2012
Clown fish talking to squid May 2nd, 2012
Big teddy bear brings down plane May 2nd, 2012
Demon Knight Kills Scarecrow May 1st, 2012
Werewolf throws a strawberry popsicle May 1st, 2012
American Pickers on History Chanel Apr 30th, 2012