January 7th, 2018   behind you

LeMurby has drawn 290 drawings and authored 192 captions across 482 games. They follow 41 players and have 43 followers. They've earned a total of 1,602 emotes!

Danny Devito as Shrek Sep 22nd
Doug Dimmadome Sep 22nd
Most Adorable Moth Sep 22nd
jevil x sans ?? Sep 22nd
castle on an island Jul 19th
Kid says he’s yeeting to A51,dad ignores him Jul 19th
beautiful frog sitting on a leaf in the ocean Jul 19th
I love China Jul 18th
Unicorn man excited about an elongated donut Jul 17th
Scoob's Ballyhoo Jul 15th
lizard dies on a unicycle Jul 15th
pretty much just a cow Jul 15th
A Fish, Frying Fish Jul 13th
Bob Ross Riding A Rocket Jul 13th
Chef doesn’t know why he has a gun Jul 13th
very cool thing Jul 13th
apple worm Jul 13th
Nyan cat Jul 13th