January 29th, 2018

Lostsouls has drawn 929 drawings and authored 1,309 captions across 2,238 games. They follow 146 players and have 117 followers. They've earned a total of 5,226 emotes!

Drawception on a Laptop Aug 15th
A bunny is very, very drunk Aug 14th
Man on the television is very happy! Aug 14th
Two Swedish dogs in love Aug 14th
Fat naked guy smokes Aug 14th
Octopus/Mermaid watering some coral Aug 13th
Zebra eats ice cream with sprinkles Aug 13th
Spider with a skull head plays basketball Aug 9th
dog and human Aug 7th
Ghost wearing horse costume Aug 6th
girl with purple shirt & blue hair Aug 5th
Tooth fairy and demon bull. May 31st
Pink man hates snow May 30th
Man is tanning but over did it and now he's r May 30th
person walking dog-like animal May 30th
mojoJoJo May 30th
man doesn't reciprocate love for woman Apr 30th
sad ugly duckling Apr 30th