Christine W

February 2nd, 2018   Hanamura

Christine W has drawn 618 drawings and authored 486 captions across 1,104 games. They follow 121 players and have 56 followers. They've earned a total of 2,214 emotes!

Two bunny shadows Sep 9th
ice cream Aug 20th
Mario is huging giant rabbit Aug 17th
Wingull Aug 16th
Jigglypuff, Smeargle tictactoe on Char. belly Aug 16th
Yoshi throws a party Aug 14th
Creeper Aug 14th
pikachu running away from a sausage Aug 14th
ralts Aug 14th
Sonia from Pokemon Sword and Shield Jul 21st
Chicken Jun 19th
ditto Jun 13th
Mario meets dirty leprechaun Jun 12th
glados portal 2 Jun 12th
Widowmaker May 28th
Umberon shoots people with a gun May 28th
Angry Birds May 24th
Poop May 24th