Christine W

February 2nd, 2018   Hanamura

Christine W has drawn 618 drawings and authored 483 captions across 1,101 games. They follow 119 players and have 56 followers. They've earned a total of 2,200 emotes!

Piplup Pokemon Sep 21st
marios legs are long and thicc Sep 21st
Toy Story but Buzz is Dio Brando Sep 20th
congratulations everyone drawing gets a duck Sep 19th
Glaceon and Leafeon (Pokemon) Sep 18th
Steg (SU) Sep 11th
Pikachu with Lenny face Aug 20th
Sonic, but just a head and legs Sep 9th
Togekiss giving a ride to Togepi and Togetic Sep 8th
Panpour & Sage begs Sear to help bury sage Aug 28th
Waluigi cosplays as Thanos Aug 30th
No humour Aug 29th
Brock frying pan = drying pan Aug 27th
Amy rose Aug 26th
Sad sans Aug 25th
Bruno Licks Gio Aug 25th
Overweight Snowhite Aug 25th
Buff Ralsei Aug 24th