February 9th, 2018   Duck-heaven

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Carrot shaped alarm clock Oct 27th
octopus fails test Oct 27th
red sailed boat with 'no' emblazoned on it Oct 27th
Sad blue man Oct 27th
The moon cheering up sad earth Oct 27th
Teacher Dinosaur Oct 27th
cat with coffee on its lap Oct 26th
Baby among us char covered in blood Oct 26th
He did an internet! Nov 18th, 2019
Cold mountains against a red sky at night Nov 18th, 2019
2 love potions Nov 17th, 2019
smooth limes b) Nov 17th, 2019
Big blue birb. Nov 17th, 2019
boat on ice Nov 14th, 2019
Castle in the clouds Nov 12th, 2019
Coca-Cola VS Pepsi Nov 11th, 2019
The cross dies on the cross Nov 11th, 2019
Green eggs and ham. Nov 11th, 2019