March 24th, 2018

birdobird has drawn 4,069 drawings and authored 63 captions across 4,132 games. They follow 178 players and have 358 followers. They've earned a total of 30,700 emotes!

smoking tomato May 4th, 2020
Nun daydreaming about Sunday May 3rd, 2020
The Grim Reaper with a Necktie May 3rd, 2020
Birthday boy blows out candles May 3rd, 2020
Owl twins with yellow and orange eyes May 3rd, 2020
Evil looking clown is a good person. May 3rd, 2020
Clown waiting at a Bus Stop May 3rd, 2020
Bad Gremlin May 2nd, 2020
Idea for cake decoration: dentures May 2nd, 2020
A balance scale (like libra) Apr 30th, 2020
Sunflower field Apr 30th, 2020
Desmond the moon bear Apr 30th, 2020
a deer called Jane Apr 27th, 2020
Kirby wishes you a happy birthday Apr 26th, 2020
Dragon Fly Apr 26th, 2020
Happy man Apr 25th, 2020
Ice Cream in a bubble Apr 25th, 2020
White kitten with big blue eyes Apr 24th, 2020