April 1st, 2018   Ellesméra, Du Weldenvarden

Blodhgarm has drawn 1,907 drawings and authored 1,672 captions across 3,579 games. They follow 1,497 players and have 830 followers. They've earned a total of 30,237 emotes!

flowery vines Oct 8th
Fairy Elephant Oct 6th
Kid watching a robbery on tv Oct 5th
Lemur With Big Femurs Sep 11th
Volcano Sep 10th
drawception D doing duck trafficking Sep 10th
Incredibly detailed raisin muffin from Costco Sep 10th
400 emotes! Congrats!! Sep 10th
skiing Sep 7th
Blackhole travel Sep 5th
top game Sep 4th
neon jackalope Sep 4th
Superman Made Large Hole in Mountain Aug 19th
Beautiful monarch butterfly Aug 19th
Froppy is, erm, puffing her chest. Aug 18th
witch flying at sunrise Aug 18th
A man drowns in a giant eye Aug 18th
Shocked broccoli-looking tree Aug 18th