April 1st, 2018   Ellesméra, Du Weldenvarden

Blodhgarm has drawn 1,907 drawings and authored 1,672 captions across 3,579 games. They follow 1,496 players and have 831 followers. They've earned a total of 30,280 emotes!

Coconut on a beach Aug 9th
Wolf Aug 9th
Baby bunny Aug 7th
the joker Aug 4th
Brunette in two-tone blue shirt Aug 4th
Avocados with eyes with dots in the backgroun Aug 4th
Tree Aug 4th
a Galaxy Aug 3rd
D'oh! Aug 3rd
Blue dude being attacked by three swords Aug 2nd
Squidward Creepypasta Aug 2nd
One eye One horned flying purple people eater Jul 30th
Mountain biker with backpack in sunset Jul 29th
Creepy Donkey With Evil Grin Jul 29th
Ugandan knuckles bird asks if u know da wei Jul 29th
Sly Wolf Jul 26th
Somebody once told me Jul 26th
Dragon Jul 25th