Asriel the Goathog

April 9th, 2018

Asriel the Goathog has drawn 0 drawings and authored 6,458 captions across 6,458 games. They follow 0 players and have 17 followers. They've earned a total of 6,655 emotes!

Chilling on the ground with Napstablook Jun 14th
Step 1: Eat a black hole May 16th
Deltarune May 15th
Invader Zim May 14th
Mayonnaise is an instrument May 9th
Oshawott x Popplio Apr 24th
Sonic wants nothing to do with MLP Apr 10th
Flowey is a huge Sans fanboy Apr 6th
Mr. Hippo from FNaF is Moto Moto Mar 29th
Grookey as Sans and Scorbunny as Papyrus Mar 26th
poke ball Mar 13th
Pikachu doesn’t want to go into Pokeball Mar 9th
Catching a Vaporeon Mar 6th
vaporeon Mar 2nd
Bunny got hit by a train in the snow Feb 27th
roblox committed oof Feb 24th
Grey man on the floor tells man to not smell! Feb 22nd
Angry toaster Feb 19th