April 9th, 2018

BlueSeaOtter has drawn 132 drawings and authored 65 captions across 197 games. They follow 10 players and have 4 followers. They've earned a total of 341 emotes!

what does the fox say (ring ding ding ding..) May 27th, 2019
Man eating Hot Dog May 26th, 2019
Duncan from Total Drama Island with big mouth May 26th, 2019
everybody do the dinosaur May 26th, 2019
subscribe to callmecarson on youtube ;) May 26th, 2019
depressing diet coke stand May 26th, 2019
fish flies over water May 26th, 2019
White man want to hug a black guy May 26th, 2019
naked man steals veggie from baby May 26th, 2019
Kermit on a mans lap Mar 5th, 2019
Trees are the fungus of the lake Mar 5th, 2019
Unique Necklace Mar 5th, 2019
Polar Bear hiring Bob Ross Mar 5th, 2019
Santa delivers children to the presents. Mar 5th, 2019
People attacking things Mar 5th, 2019
a cat that is in two movies and loves laganja Mar 5th, 2019
A crying bird Mar 5th, 2019
astronaut on a typewriter Mar 5th, 2019