April 15th, 2018

Exactly has drawn 494 drawings and authored 718 captions across 1,212 games. They follow 25 players and have 45 followers. They've earned a total of 2,505 emotes!

Alien has had just about enough of squids Nov 20th, 2020
Devil becomes a storytime youtuber Nov 19th, 2020
wacky bear + cute pup Nov 16th, 2020
fish Nov 15th, 2020
Eagle getting that bread $$$ Nov 15th, 2020
TV gets arrested for illegal singing Nov 15th, 2020
Blue whale good, orange and purple whale bad Nov 15th, 2020
Pangolin Terminator dares you to kill his ki Nov 15th, 2020
An angry bee putting em up! Nov 15th, 2020
Pink haired guy stands on a blue bone Nov 15th, 2020
Massive existential crisis Nov 15th, 2020
a chair with a smiley on its seat Nov 15th, 2020
Alien Sleeping In Bed of Blood Oct 11th, 2020
hmm Donald trump or teddy bear 2020? Oct 10th, 2020
stupid baby duck pleads for help Oct 10th, 2020
Smoking onion. Jun 21st, 2020
alien impressed by other aliens planet juggle Jun 21st, 2020
Drawception mascot turns homicidal Jun 10th, 2020