April 5th, 2012   Santiago, Chile

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Asajj Ventress Mar 8th, 2018
This mailbox is mine. (continue song) Jan 24th, 2018
Weird electric dinosaur Pokémon (I think.) Jan 24th, 2018
Dragon Jan 24th, 2018
Cartoon Characters But Drawn Realistically PIO Jan 24th, 2018
Anything Nov 4th, 2017
The Third Impact Nov 4th, 2017
Teddy bear Nov 4th, 2017
Like FIRE! Hellfire! Nov 4th, 2017
Church Nov 4th, 2017
Zeppelin Von Schultheiss (Lighter than Heir) Nov 4th, 2017
Yo listen up heres a story abt a lil guy- cont Nov 4th, 2017
Fiolina Germi Aug 11th, 2017
The sideways view of a black haired woman Feb 6th, 2017
Animal Crackers revolt! Feb 2nd, 2017
Well, here we are again. (cont.) Feb 1st, 2017
Hotline Miami Apr 25th, 2016
The 12:th Doctor Apr 24th, 2016