June 25th, 2018

RajMahal has drawn 133 drawings and authored 104 captions across 237 games. They follow 2 players and have 2 followers. They've earned a total of 359 emotes!

Sewer Rave Oct 7th
yoshi kriby doing taxes Oct 6th
Happy Trump Oct 6th
Box of cups disguised as tissues Oct 5th
pet volcano Oct 5th
Orange at a club Feb 19th
Hulk eating McDonalds fries Feb 19th
Drawception horse Feb 19th
Alien princess death shot Jun 19th, 2019
fishing for a pteridactal with an apple Jun 18th, 2019
Sonic holds ham Jun 18th, 2019
True Love Jun 18th, 2019
spider puns May 25th, 2019
Thor with BUDDER sword May 25th, 2019
Pope dumps fire into water May 24th, 2019
A giant waffle near the Eiffel tower May 24th, 2019
American Idol May 24th, 2019
only one cashier is fully operational May 24th, 2019