July 8th, 2018   Philly by winter, AC by summer

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The World Oct 31st
a blue and purple haired and clothed  peson Oct 29th
Numerous various friends ride a dragon boat Oct 28th
Goofys got a gun Oct 23rd
Earl Sinclair the Dinosaur Oct 20th
Earl Sinclair the Dinosaur Oct 20th
Drawception D examining color palettes Oct 7th
May I ask you for a new profile picture? Oct 7th
Davy Jones Sep 28th
Mermaid angler fish Sep 27th
Mystical Dragon Egg Sep 15th
Stunt22 (DC User) has 50 followers Sep 8th
Man Ray doing laundry Sep 5th
Big Chungus! Sep 3rd
Free Draw! Because you deserve it! Sep 3rd
skull with prank glasses Aug 28th
Calvin and Hobbes and BAON Jun 15th
Sad default drawception profile picture Jun 14th