July 29th, 2018   Currently D Y I N G inside <3

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dio not practicing social distancing smh Apr 1st
handsome demon boy Mar 31st
Golf Mar 31st
Here we are in the future and its ASGFBGHGFVK Mar 31st
Pikachu making big life choices Mar 30th
very nice bird :) Mar 29th
Step 1: Go to the store and buy Oreos Mar 28th
Frisk hugging his heart Mar 28th
Woman at beach Mar 28th
Drawception and koala throws bday party Mar 26th
dinosaur armwrestling with man with red mohaw Mar 26th
The "Is mayo an instrument" meme Mar 25th
realistic spongebob Mar 24th
House hunters Mar 24th
reindeer in space Mar 24th
Social Distancing Mar 23rd
Ricardo Milos & Sans fusion Mar 20th
alien mom with pink hair reads to baby Mar 20th