August 1st, 2018

Slysnake35 has drawn 259 drawings and authored 568 captions across 827 games. They follow 11 players and have 23 followers. They've earned a total of 702 emotes!

Drawing tips PIO Sep 26th, 2018
sick drawing of a dragon Aug 31st, 2018
Brush Sep 23rd, 2018
Dog Sep 17th, 2018
Light coming from around the corner. Sep 16th, 2018
Ninetales snuggled with a vulpix Sep 14th, 2018
Antiception Sep 7th, 2018
Lesingefou's back! Sep 4th, 2018
plague doctor Sep 4th, 2018
Owl's Pills of Fire. Sep 2nd, 2018
Librarian makes a dragon stop talking Aug 31st, 2018
self portrait pass it on Aug 24th, 2018
Team Blue!Discord Server (P.I.O) Blue or Red? Aug 23rd, 2018
Red vs Blue Aug 23rd, 2018
Smaug and Bilbo Aug 20th, 2018
Rocko from Rocko's modern life Aug 20th, 2018
Spaceship Aug 20th, 2018
Simon Belmont vs King K Rool Aug 20th, 2018