August 2nd, 2018   Somewhere in the US

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canyon sunset May 8th
Zombie running in the sunlight May 8th
glados is stayin alive May 8th
A cow jumping over the moon May 8th
church in a sandstorm May 8th
Man cooks eggs with a mailbox May 8th
Onion May 8th
The Planets Celebrate Earth's Birthday May 8th
pikajew May 8th
panel 1 is a total nineball May 2nd
jupiter turns into russia May 2nd
Flaming "Doesn't feel so good" on the moon May 2nd
Someone gives Peter Griffin a wedgie! Jan 7th
Stick man equals skull Jan 7th
Walrus Jan 6th
History of Sports Jan 6th
Guy takes shelter from shovel-storm Dec 22nd, 2018
Construction worker plague doctor Nov 8th, 2018