April 5th, 2012   Limerick, Ireland

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[panel removed] Apr 20th, 2012
Guy with jetpack destroys hooker Apr 20th, 2012
Santa letter in new technology Apr 20th, 2012
popeye wins the grand national Apr 20th, 2012
Red car startled at giant expensive green pen Apr 20th, 2012
Pink unicorn with a cane puking and tap-dancing Apr 20th, 2012
Superwoman knows agood sandwch when she smells 1 Apr 11th, 2012
Two rappers dressed in blue and yellow Apr 10th, 2012
Cheesy elevator music. Apr 10th, 2012
the fisher king Apr 10th, 2012
A man burn a child Apr 10th, 2012
Super Mario lost his cap and hangs himself Apr 6th, 2012
Smoking a joint Apr 6th, 2012
Downbeat Viking spits on Johnny Bravo Apr 5th, 2012