August 7th, 2018   The Alphastar Galaxy

CosmicMinun59 has drawn 148 drawings and authored 297 captions across 445 games. They follow 1 players and have 9 followers. They've earned a total of 450 emotes!

Racist Sign Sep 18th
Gaster Aug 28th
roblox gf died very sad F rip Aug 13th
"OH SH-T, A RAT" Jul 4th
Isle of Man flag Jun 14th
sans but he's an edgy goat (like asriel) Jun 14th
Party Bot 9000 Jun 10th
A scared Sanic meets a furry for the first ti Jun 10th
Murder investigation with do not cross tape Jun 5th
robot and peanut try and talk Jun 4th
Step 1: be born May 16th
Snivy disappointed May 15th
draw your dream date happy May 12th
The Flying Spaghetti Monster May 11th
no Tseries May 11th
Kim Jong Un May 11th
wholesomeness May 10th
Sans Peter Griffin May 10th