August 7th, 2018   The Alphastar Galaxy

CosmicMinun59 has drawn 153 drawings and authored 319 captions across 472 games. They follow 1 players and have 10 followers. They've earned a total of 491 emotes!

Jupiter mad at earth Oct 13th
Rainbow dash Oct 13th
Pink Furret Oct 13th
the art of the minecraft gods Oct 12th
Step 7: Break out of the asylum Oct 11th
Racist Sign Sep 18th
Gaster Aug 28th
roblox gf died very sad F rip Aug 13th
"OH SH-T, A RAT" Jul 4th
Isle of Man flag Jun 14th
sans but he's an edgy goat (like asriel) Jun 14th
Party Bot 9000 Jun 10th
A scared Sanic meets a furry for the first ti Jun 10th
Murder investigation with do not cross tape Jun 5th
robot and peanut try and talk Jun 4th
Step 1: be born May 16th
Snivy disappointed May 15th
draw your dream date happy May 12th