August 7th, 2018   The Alphastar Galaxy

CosmicMinun59 has drawn 153 drawings and authored 319 captions across 472 games. They follow 1 players and have 10 followers. They've earned a total of 491 emotes!

loss but the guys in it are confused Jan 8th
undertale Jan 8th
Step 10: open a karaoke bar Jan 6th
Sad green rectangle Dec 9th, 2018
Sunset on the moon Dec 9th, 2018
Bluebird Dec 9th, 2018
No Dec 8th, 2018
step: 8 sans eats the world Nov 26th, 2018
Rasiel (DeltaRune) is being arrested Nov 23rd, 2018
Uranus and saturn combined Nov 20th, 2018
tree with massive eye says "say nibba" Nov 19th, 2018
Furry animatronic naked. NSFW Nov 18th, 2018
Minun’s good side Nov 18th, 2018
A rock star Nov 18th, 2018
Deltarune Nov 18th, 2018
sands from udertail Nov 18th, 2018
A shooting star across the moon Nov 18th, 2018
super hot monster Nov 17th, 2018