August 9th, 2018

squirrel970 has drawn 425 drawings and authored 1,670 captions across 2,095 games. They follow 4 players and have 16 followers. They've earned a total of 3,465 emotes!

Yogi Bear hangs himself May 5th
Scarecrow in a field Sep 16th, 2020
Panda with rabbit ears Oct 25th, 2020
Favorite Police Officer Jul 3rd, 2020
Meme big boy May 6th, 2020
Mermaid but with caterpillar legs Feb 10th, 2020
Luke Skywalker cries NOOOOOO! Feb 10th, 2020
Gigantamax Peter Griffin Feb 9th, 2020
Club penguin is kil Feb 8th, 2020
Obama Cube Feb 7th, 2020
Step 1: Gain Weight Jan 30th, 2020
Wash away the anger... Jan 18th, 2020
Future Jan 14th, 2020
Mona Lisa Jan 14th, 2020
Step 1: Find a death god's book Jan 6th, 2020
Adopting ducks in 2020 Jan 2nd, 2020
drawception will kill me someday Dec 18th, 2019
Something that you didn’t need to see. Dec 17th, 2019