August 9th, 2018

Minstrella has drawn 358 drawings and authored 1,386 captions across 1,744 games. They follow 0 players and have 7 followers. They've earned a total of 1,807 emotes!

Robber Duck getting caught May 16th, 2019
Australian Bob Ross Oct 25th, 2018
Have you seen my wife, Mr. Jones? Oct 25th, 2018
Lesingefou's 3000th drawing (congrats!) Oct 23rd, 2018
Favorite song PIO Oct 1st, 2018
Ballet Sep 30th, 2018
Tarot Card: The Moon Sep 29th, 2018
a bird-house creature Sep 29th, 2018
How to catch a sloth. Sep 29th, 2018
Any season PIO Sep 28th, 2018
Three Worf Moon Sep 27th, 2018
a peach man eating a blue worm? Sep 26th, 2018
Game Grumps Sep 25th, 2018
Drawception is Obi Wan on Mustafar Sep 25th, 2018
Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall! Sep 24th, 2018
A Drawception Jumping over the Moon Sep 23rd, 2018
Doggy buying a Shirt Sep 23rd, 2018
SPOokIE TimE!!!!!! (make it extremely scary) Sep 23rd, 2018