Tizzylish the tasty dish

August 22nd, 2018

Tizzylish the tasty dish has drawn 1,390 drawings and authored 1,005 captions across 2,395 games. They follow 492 players and have 107 followers. They've earned a total of 5,220 emotes!

car silhouette Aug 19th
potato rick Aug 19th
bee as a pokemon character Aug 19th
Punk Grandma Aug 5th
spiders eating oranges Aug 4th
A rich man Aug 4th
Johnny Test Aug 4th
hamster crushes a soda can by sitting on it Aug 3rd
steven universe Aug 3rd
Hey VSauce Jul 30th
Courage the cowardly dog Jul 30th
it's my birthday!! (july 29) draw anything Jul 29th
stickfigure gives carrot a heart-pillow Jul 29th
marge wonders where the lemons are Jul 29th
cursed peter griffin Jul 29th
red cross Jul 28th
Bikini girl Jul 28th
Trump sings Yankee Doodle Jul 28th