Tizzylish the tasty dish

August 22nd, 2018

Tizzylish the tasty dish has drawn 1,883 drawings and authored 1,747 captions across 3,630 games. They follow 753 players and have 179 followers. They've earned a total of 9,142 emotes!

sad plankton Oct 15th
1 tells 6 to take out trash Sep 23rd
Lonely email Sep 22nd
DIGIMON Sep 20th
King Squidward Sep 20th
ladybug whistling a tune Sep 12th
box dreaming about colorful nubers Sep 6th
Fly Beetle Sep 6th
Man climbs up mountain, almost there Sep 5th
Poop demon Sep 2nd
Benson from Regular Show Sep 1st
big bird with glasses Aug 31st
yacht in the ocean Aug 31st
Canadian goose vomits wires Aug 31st
wolf howling at moon Aug 29th
Thanks for 100 followers!! -Raisin :) Aug 29th
angry pencil chasing numbers Aug 29th
a torch Aug 29th