Tizzylish the tasty dish

August 22nd, 2018

Tizzylish the tasty dish has drawn 1,883 drawings and authored 1,747 captions across 3,630 games. They follow 753 players and have 179 followers. They've earned a total of 9,142 emotes!

Eric Carr Sep 15th
Benson from Regular Show Sep 1st
triceratops Aug 29th
Jojo fruit Aug 20th
Mushroom house Aug 7th
Bird Crawling Aug 6th
A cat/turtle hybrid Aug 5th
Brown car Aug 5th
dog catching ball on beach Aug 3rd
Bingus x Floppa Jul 28th
2018 Baby Jul 25th
willow tree Jul 21st
Elephants are cars. You are driving an elepha Aug 24th, 2020
driving on a bridge at sunset Jul 16th
Patch of wildflowers Jun 30th
Gardevoir with stewie griffins' head Jun 30th
rose Jun 30th
Moon shining through mangroves Jun 29th