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nosespray has drawn 69 drawings and authored 226 captions across 295 games. They follow 14 players and have 7 followers. They've earned a total of 322 emotes!

Anime girl is hurt by a knife Jul 12th
Your favorite anime May 23rd
Anime FrEe DrAw UwU Mar 20th
BowWow (Link's Awakening) Mar 20th
Malamute Breathes Fire Oct 13th, 2019
Heavenly Sans Oct 20th, 2019
Pikachu in a mimikyu outfit (Pokemon) Oct 19th, 2019
Zero the Dog (The Nightmare Before Christmas) Oct 19th, 2019
fantastic planet movie poster Oct 19th, 2019
longmeowth Oct 19th, 2019
NEET Oct 18th, 2019
Cat is happy to be a pumpkin :3 Oct 11th, 2019
pikachu in a mimikyu halloween costume Oct 18th, 2019
Waluigi but jojo May 22nd, 2019
happy kitten close up May 22nd, 2019
Strange things floating behind person Apr 13th, 2019
free draw Apr 10th, 2019
Kirby with a knife Mar 18th, 2019