September 12th, 2018   Ig - rovntk | Pfp - hamtheman1

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The emo kids are disintegrating Jul 7th
rejection Jul 7th
Flowers in a shoe Jun 26th
Old sailor Jun 21st
a surgeon is gonna kill the patient Jun 8th
leaves falling from trees Jun 1st
a crow giving you the evil eye May 31st
two bunnies slurping noodles May 30th
McDonald's is killing wildlife May 30th
Stinky lime wedges arguing underwater May 30th
Family Photo Time May 30th
housefire May 30th
Scarecrow sees massive explosion of the Sun May 24th
1970s Sunset May 11th
look outside it's snowing fire?! firey snow! May 9th
The world serpent let's go of its tail May 9th
shark angry at telemarketers May 8th
Shark bleeding from biting a cuckoo clock May 5th