September 12th, 2018   badada bumm dumm bumm

JWaltman has drawn 717 drawings and authored 305 captions across 1,022 games. They follow 108 players and have 158 followers. They've earned a total of 4,808 emotes!

Jim from the Office Feb 16th
Fav JoJo character (continue on) Feb 15th
spider with a rather unappealing face Feb 9th
Hows your day? Feb 15th
Supernova seen from above earth Feb 15th
The most fashionable of cats Feb 16th
Shrek X Donkey Feb 15th
Pointilism Feb 9th
screamy black cat Feb 9th
Giant Enemy Spider Feb 8th
Adorable Pancakes Shaped Like Cats Feb 8th
Man gives you box of lice you dropped Feb 8th
Ra Ra Rasputin Feb 8th
fat Yoshi Feb 8th
Out of body experience Feb 7th
when u [REDACTED] and [DATA EXPUNGED] Feb 7th
Prince of Cats Feb 7th
Cats vs Foxes Feb 7th