September 26th, 2018   Probably listening to 70s music or something

Sparklebean has drawn 584 drawings and authored 423 captions across 1,007 games. They follow 173 players and have 98 followers. They've earned a total of 2,234 emotes!

B l u e Nov 17th
Trans rights Apple Nov 16th
Murderous Puppy Nov 15th
blue toast holding flowers Nov 15th
Hand-held froggy Nov 15th
Roasted Peppa Pig Thanksgiving Nov 13th
Disembodied Head Nov 13th
oh no! someones gonna step on poo! Nov 13th
A two balloon and a one balloon. Nov 12th
Step 9: you ARE the bushes Nov 11th
slither.io w/ caterpillars Nov 11th
crow/raven Nov 5th
Free Draw (P.I.O) Nov 5th
White broccoli w/blue tops SUPER MAD BRO Nov 1st
shrieking skulls will shock your soul...... Nov 1st
gemini Nov 1st
A moon jumping over the cow Oct 26th