October 6th, 2018   Free Country USA

AnnaSofia7 has drawn 326 drawings and authored 429 captions across 755 games. They follow 18 players and have 21 followers. They've earned a total of 1,080 emotes!

Homer thinks of burger and donut Aug 26th
Bluehaired scientist man Aug 26th
Ya like jazz? Aug 26th
Creeper Aug 25th
Business llama running late Aug 25th
Step 16: get fired from your career Aug 25th
garnet from steven universe Aug 25th
The lion king Aug 25th
Face Angry At Petsmart Offbrand Aug 25th
Ice Cubes Aug 25th
We're not cavemen! We have Technology. Aug 25th
Dead bird Aug 25th
Blue Haired Anime Girl Aug 25th
Avocado Juice Aug 25th
RBUK the unikitty ripoff Aug 25th
Dog flies into the sun Aug 25th
Anthropomorphic cat with bindi Aug 25th
Man holding a large box Aug 25th