October 6th, 2018   Free Country USA

AnnaSofia7 has drawn 326 drawings and authored 429 captions across 755 games. They follow 18 players and have 21 followers. They've earned a total of 1,081 emotes!

Ufo Abduction Aug 25th
Sad carrot's food friende being eaten by ants Aug 25th
mr tomato businessman Aug 25th
Zebra eating a tree Aug 25th
Hot boi says WHAT? Aug 25th
Bad boy needs a spanking Aug 24th
every high school girl's profile pic Aug 24th
Mario Looks At Green And Yellow Planet Aug 24th
Cast of totally unrelated characters Aug 24th
humanoid cat asks "is this loss?" Aug 24th
YouTube Aug 24th
flour cryin over a white cracker Aug 24th
Me and the boys bein part of the nose team Aug 24th
dragon ordering female jesus to die Aug 24th
Me and the boys playing Drawception Aug 24th
Bear eating green chicken nuggets and donuts Aug 24th
Favorite Danganronpa character, PIO Aug 23rd
Bellydancing ferret Aug 23rd