October 6th, 2018   Free Country USA

AnnaSofia7 has drawn 326 drawings and authored 429 captions across 755 games. They follow 18 players and have 21 followers. They've earned a total of 1,086 emotes!

sunflowers Oct 12th
Sir Farfetch'd with keys Oct 6th
Screaming guy bleeds from eyes and mouth Oct 6th
behind the sea Sep 19th
Free Draw! Sep 19th
Pokémon Fusion (PIO) Sep 19th
Thanks so much for 3000 emotes!! -SmolAqua Sep 18th
Five Nights At Freddy’s Sep 13th
Criminal duck from Wallace and Gromit Sep 6th
Step 6: Become a millionare Sep 4th
And So I Cry Sometimes When I'm Lying In Bed Sep 4th
Batman doing laundry Mar 27th, 2012
I SAID I'm baby Aug 22nd
Pikachu Dance Sep 2nd
but i wanted to be a BULBASAUR not a pikachu Jul 10th
This is a derail. Aug 30th
Free Draw but must be pokemon Sep 3rd
Llama Sep 2nd