Birbi Got Goodies

October 8th, 2018   trying to fix my username yet I can’t

Birbi Got Goodies has drawn 137 drawings and authored 109 captions across 246 games. They follow 34 players and have 11 followers. They've earned a total of 361 emotes!

Licking Your Drawing Device Oct 11th, 2020
Step 1: Don't mess up this step game... May 26th
Happy birthday reed Apr 4th, 2020
Tropical General Aug 18th, 2020
jumping rope in front of bank May 5th
Monty Gator FNAF May 5th
Lava Lampception May 5th
dragon eating at white castle May 4th
Test May 14th, 2019
triangle says you're pointless May 3rd
Lipstick May 3rd
an orange cat named stella Apr 30th
Bock bock bock BAGAWK Aug 4th, 2021
Silhouette of a Tree with a Moon Mar 9th, 2021
White blockhead has red angry face Apr 28th
Sick Butterfly Oct 8th, 2018
tfw you waste all your lunch money on egg Apr 28th
A cow jumping over the pumpkin Oct 11th, 2020