October 21st, 2018   oyur morher

Arkoudo has drawn 153 drawings and authored 240 captions across 393 games. They follow 11 players and have 7 followers. They've earned a total of 474 emotes!

Another birthday cake Oct 18th
bald bearded boxer after a hard fight Oct 16th
susimpostor uses featherduster to clean blood Oct 15th
Angry moose Oct 15th
got rickrolled :( Sep 16th
A portrait of a smiling man with no eyes Apr 1st
McDonalds french fries Feb 23rd
thanos heart Feb 8th
man taking intelligent eel for a walk Feb 3rd
Killer Queen eats a hand Feb 2nd
Step 1: Get Coronavirus Oct 2nd, 2020
Among Us Green says: "red sus" Sep 21st, 2020
Tiger King chick "didn't" kill her husband Apr 25th, 2020
raid shadow legends sponsors drawception Apr 25th, 2020
Person thinks about dragons Apr 25th, 2020
Phone at 1 percent battery Apr 25th, 2020
a turkey thats 1'3 a quite tall bird Apr 24th, 2020
Birdman Apr 24th, 2020