October 31st, 2018   Калининград

ImNotaFurry has drawn 349 drawings and authored 229 captions across 578 games. They follow 46 players and have 67 followers. They've earned a total of 1,289 emotes!

fox Sep 10th
Ghosts roasting ice cream over fire at camp Sep 8th
Eggplant Apr 5th
blue meme lady Apr 4th
Just a guy walking Feb 25th
kokichi ouma, ultimate supreme leader of evil Feb 17th
Blind Scientist Feb 10th
"He's green" says a liar, about a PURPLE man. Feb 10th
Free Draw PIO Jan 27th
I'm gay... Jan 21st
Where's my share of communism? Jan 21st
laika Jan 21st
Water doggo Jan 21st
Komi-san wa Komyushou desu Jan 21st
Cute Chibi brown haired girl Jan 21st
Russia ( countryballs ) teaches you Russian Jan 21st
Yuri from DDLC Jan 21st
furries have no rights Jan 21st