November 26th, 2018

LuciaTheOrange has drawn 432 drawings and authored 671 captions across 1,103 games. They follow 146 players and have 73 followers. They've earned a total of 2,764 emotes!

Candyman Sep 2nd
man and poop celebrate their accomplishments Aug 31st
Goose verbally abuses gooseling Aug 31st
Slenderman picking up a chair Aug 31st
an earth apart Aug 31st
Farmer Aug 31st
Two bat dragons prepare to fight Aug 26th
Nyan cat Aug 24th
50s jazz noir detective music plays Aug 18th
twilight sparkle and mordecai lovestory Aug 14th
Hot angel warrioress Aug 14th
Drawception D in a duck Aug 14th
portal x mario bros crossover Aug 9th
penguin Aug 9th
Giraffe is Your Host to Vaporwave Dimension Aug 9th
cool skater cat Aug 7th
defult caracter  in plain with one tree Aug 1st
Cute Fox Wearing Red Scarf Aug 1st