December 1st, 2018

Mitsuko has drawn 72 drawings and authored 61 captions across 133 games. They've earned a total of 130 emotes!

a fat bunny eating pancakes Feb 26th, 2019
Sad cat stealing pizza Jan 10th, 2019
Mr. Game & Watch fights Blossom (PPG) Dec 11th, 2018
Zebra in a Cave Dec 11th, 2018
Hedgehog in a Teapot Dec 11th, 2018
Last Place Truck Driver Dec 11th, 2018
Demon Spammer Dec 9th, 2018
Sleepy Broccoli Dec 9th, 2018
Missile in the Desert Dec 9th, 2018
water lady Dec 7th, 2018
A Goldfish Dec 6th, 2018
Space Candy Dec 6th, 2018
FINAL EXAMS Dec 6th, 2018
RoaD wOrK AheAd uH YeAh I SurE HoPE iT DOeS! Dec 6th, 2018
Gremlin crossing the Ocean Dec 5th, 2018
Mermaid + Almond Dec 5th, 2018
Detective in a Volcano Dec 5th, 2018
John, where's my lasagna Dec 5th, 2018