March 28th, 2012

Dmitri has drawn 221 drawings and authored 39 captions across 260 games. They follow 0 players and have 53 followers. They've earned a total of 2,255 emotes!

teenage pandas go to a hardcore festival Apr 23rd, 2012
Oreos! Now with panda baby fillings! Apr 23rd, 2012
A Sword Apr 23rd, 2012
Oppresive govrnmnt's reaction 2 enlightened book Apr 23rd, 2012
ugi ho angrly teaches albino dragon to  fly Apr 23rd, 2012
There is fire in Batman Apr 23rd, 2012
Adventure-Robot spots oncoming hurricane. Apr 23rd, 2012
Pirates Of The Caribbean movie starring cookies. Apr 23rd, 2012
Einstein turned away at pearly gates Apr 23rd, 2012
Hobo drinks fairie wine, imagines jet plane Apr 23rd, 2012
a purple duplo block has two small children Apr 23rd, 2012
Mr frosty experiments with LSD Apr 23rd, 2012
Ship at sea with a star on top of the mast Apr 22nd, 2012
Burglar confused by candid photo on his camera Apr 22nd, 2012
fluorescent samurai boxing a buddah Apr 22nd, 2012
Earth shares a blunt with the moon Apr 22nd, 2012
"enough inflatable dolls.."says revolutionaryman Apr 20th, 2012
What's green,has 4 wheels & lightsaber? A Toyoda Apr 20th, 2012