Thuro Carstensen

December 13th, 2018   Eating a Sandwich :)

Thuro Carstensen has drawn 275 drawings and authored 20 captions across 295 games. They follow 1,307 players and have 1,397 followers. They've earned a total of 4,481 emotes!

manly penguin is out for blood Sep 14th
step 1: realize you forgot the toothpaste Sep 14th
Dino builds a city Sep 14th
cool tiger cub Sep 13th
Monster plant from mario is alone Aug 2nd
Walrus sneezes underwater Aug 2nd
A llama poses for his school picture Aug 2nd
Look, a donut car Aug 1st
sad greyscale coupari cat Jul 22nd
Grumpy Cat! Jul 22nd
eating rocks Jul 13th
violet from the incredibles Jun 20th
Surpriesed Pikachu Jun 19th
draw you oc Jun 9th
Asexual person ♡ Jun 7th
A Sad Ghost Jun 6th
Ape on the bongos Jun 6th
Rabbit in a coffee cup Jun 6th