Thuro Carstensen

December 13th, 2018   Eating a Sandwich :)

Thuro Carstensen has drawn 291 drawings and authored 24 captions across 315 games. They follow 1,342 players and have 1,421 followers. They've earned a total of 4,665 emotes!

Pet Lion Oct 27th
Putrid mask of blood and flesh Oct 12th
Shiba Sep 27th
Draw whatever you want! :) Sep 26th
Aight I'mma head out Sep 15th
"Friends don't lie" Aug 22nd
A cow Aug 3rd
sad greyscale coupari cat Jul 22nd
Obi Wan Kermit-obi has the high ground Jul 22nd
Stepped on gum Jul 22nd
Hyper-realistic toucan Jul 21st
wildflowers in the forest Jun 29th
pio Jun 23rd
Old fox in a hat Jun 23rd
Buff & Ripped Garfield Holding A Duck Jun 20th
Cursed image cat Jun 19th
Blue man with heads people as eyes Jun 18th
Puns about energy. I'm gonna go Ohm. Jun 9th