January 2nd, 2019

BoringDolphin has drawn 325 drawings and authored 636 captions across 961 games. They follow 61 players and have 15 followers. They've earned a total of 1,156 emotes!

Plushie on fire Sep 3rd
Sun and clouds are unhappy Sep 2nd
Cat claiming a mailbox Sep 2nd
Guy fishing in a toilet Jul 24th
Drawception D's dad Jul 19th
house with arms and legs Jul 19th
woman loves carrots Jul 19th
A glass of red wine for 1 million dollars Jul 19th
sheriff cactus Jul 2nd
playground. Jul 2nd
green dog on a mountain Jun 27th
Colorful letter M is clearly a W Jun 27th
fire breathing snake with a recycle bin Jun 27th
Bob Ross forgot how to paint Jun 10th
Patrick Star with a rock :3 Jun 10th
Baby Dinosaur in a bathtub enters a Triangle Jun 9th
dog eating chips Jun 3rd
Happy Pride! Jun 3rd