January 3rd, 2019   I live in a mac computer

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Magenta and Yellow get frisky at a dance Jan 12th
person teaching chinese Jan 12th
Ali-A ClickBait Thumbnail Jan 11th
A tree has nuclear power (MWAHAHAHAHA) Jan 11th
Jake the dog! Jan 11th
Lady wearing dress made of water Jan 11th
pregnant man Jan 11th
Titanic sailing off the end of the earth Jan 11th
Bad Jan 11th
Patrick and Spongebob on LSD Jan 11th
scary burning marshmallow Jan 11th
Mouse that won something Jan 11th
Frankenstein's Monster Jan 11th
musical chairs (literally) Jan 10th
Fav Warrior Cat PIO Jan 10th
sad potato "But..." Jan 10th
dat boi, but depressed Jan 10th
A lemon that cut an onion Jan 10th