January 3rd, 2019   I live in a mac computer

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Kool Aid Man a confirmed MURDERER!!! -TheNews Jan 7th
Woman talks about some aliens with tophats Jan 7th
Grumpy man telling taxes to get off his lawn Jan 7th
Man wants to kill rich pwople Jan 7th
snowy meteorite Jan 7th
Detective Pikachu Jan 7th
Minnie Mouse from the Future Jan 7th
Cute Elephant Jan 6th
a depressed lollipop Jan 6th
Guy getting baptised in giant mug of coffe Jan 6th
Thanos waluigi Jan 6th
Mario and Luigi playing smash bros Jan 6th
Bird in the rain Jan 6th
Crow wearing a Top Hat Jan 6th
marge show us her lisa paintings Jan 6th
Colourful bird Jan 6th
cherry on top Jan 6th
A cloud and a purple bow Jan 6th