January 13th, 2019   in the womb

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half diseased donut Jul 11th
bottle of heinz ketchup Jul 7th
Mustard killing ketchup Jul 7th
The Purple People Eater made himself a pie... Jul 7th
Green hands with stick man Jul 7th
Clueless that they're about to get run over Jul 6th
Burrito Coin Jul 6th
Book is in love with fish Jul 5th
Depressed Nemo Jul 5th
master hand Jul 5th
Green check mark Jul 3rd
girl kissed boy america Jun 30th
teardrop is confused Jun 30th
headless man Jun 30th
Nigel Thronberry with long pink hair Jun 30th
storm clouds arm wrestling Jun 30th
big red o emoji is the new sun Jun 30th
Ducks are just rotated D's May 8th