Epic gamer style

January 16th, 2019   Behind the vending machines in the cafeteria

Epic gamer style has drawn 118 drawings and authored 549 captions across 667 games. They follow 296 players and have 72 followers. They've earned a total of 1,371 emotes!

Happy pride month! Jun 5th
desert but the sun is angry Jun 5th
stick man creature yelling are a normal women Jun 5th
your sleep paralysis demon Jun 3rd
rock Jun 3rd
Skeleton dabs Jun 3rd
Happy pride month! Jun 3rd
a blue flower May 28th
Minecraft May 23rd
How it feel to be on a drug trip May 22nd
ZA WARUDO!! May 22nd
gay people May 20th
Step 1: Attempt to get Waluigi in Smash May 17th
Wack gradients May 16th
sexy kirby with fishnet stockings+boots. wow. May 15th
Two close friends watch the night sky May 15th
use the BLOODY skip button May 13th
chespin is an LGBTQ+ ally May 13th