January 16th, 2019   its pronounced lady

Ladii has drawn 182 drawings and authored 245 captions across 427 games. They follow 533 players and have 145 followers. They've earned a total of 2,434 emotes!

Pingu stabs jaiden animations Jan 17th
Mountain Jan 17th
Laptop Jan 17th
Kraken Warrior Jan 17th
A man in a toga stands in front of the ruins Jan 17th
bean man spanking his mokey Jan 17th
Dancing wavy-armed poptart Jan 17th
Dog in a trash can Jan 17th
Elephants feet are in fire! AAAAH!!! Jan 17th
toast floating down a river Jan 17th
Big Chungus Jan 17th
npc eats pizza out of a coconut Jan 17th
Mutated Tiger With Luscious Lips? Jan 17th
spiderman reporting weather Jan 17th
Magic bus is about to suicide Jan 17th
Pixelated red-headed trump says build a wall Jan 17th
Classic Fruit Jan 16th
Link (angry) giving a ticket to a bad driver Jan 16th